Container World - VMs to Kubernetes at WP Engine

February 2018
In this talk I will be discussing the lessons learned at WP Engine over the first two years of our migration from VM based infrastructure to containers. I'll share some of the problems we faced with scaling, monitoring, logging and deployments. I'll also talk about some of the work we had to do to secure our platform since we run code provided by our customers within our platform.

KubeCon & CloudNativeCon - Scaling to 5000+ Unique K8s Deployments, How We Did It

December 2017
Come learn how WP Engine built an open source operator called Lostrómos. In this talk I will be discussing how Lostrómos helps to power over 5,000 deployments of our internal applications used to power our customers websites. Allowing for easy management and automated deployments to over 60,000 customers.